Next Gen Testing And QA Services


Next Gen Testing and QA Services

Mind Works, specializes in delivery of Full life-cycle QA and Application Testing Services, covering the core stages from inception, analysis, development till integration, stabilization, deployment, delivery and support. We ensure that the application, solution, implementations meet your business requirements, the best industry standard technical requirements, is bug-free and is user-friendly. Our highly skilled team of QA engineers perform high-quality software testing and other associated documentation and training services to assure the reliability of your software, maximizing the ROI and provide the best competitive advantage.

We offer both full lifecycle testing that covers the main stages of project development and dedicated testing team outsourcing services.


QA Consulting

  • Greater Collaboration
  • Higher Output
  • Optimized Costs

Automation and Intelligent Testing

  • Maximize Coverage and ROI
  • Analytics-driven software testing
  • Implement an effective CI/CD Pipeline

Web and Enterprise Application Testing

  • Optimize Applications
  • Deliver more
  • Meet transformation goals

Mobile and Cross platform applications Testing

  • Cross Browser and Platform
  • Robust framework
  • Utilize the best tools

Managed Projects and Teams

  • Dedicated resources
  • Self-initiating team
  • Mid / Long-term projects

End to End Full Lifecycle Testing

  • End to End System
  • Inception to delivery
  • Transparency and confirmed KPIs

QA Consulting

Mind Works has a team of globally experienced and certified QA consultants bringing in high expertise and proven track record for driving results for our customers. Our Consultants are trained and certified in multiple business domains with expertise and cognition in multiple functional and non-functional areas and their seasoned expertise becomes more significant when training, orientation, and familiarity with the environment is the key. They are committed to deploy easy maintainable and highly scalable test automation solutions complying to the best practices in QA and implementing innovative ideas, quick ramp up, agile project delivery, and high productivity. Our Consultants excel working in highly collaborative team environment to produce quality and expedient results. We are passionate about our customers’ success and offer customized services at every step of your journey.

  • Comprehensive QA Delivery
  • Advisory QA Consulting
  • Scalable Optimized Automation
  • Proof of Concepts and Pilots
  • QA Documentation Training and Knowledge transfer

Benefits of QA Consulting with Us


Full Lifecycle Testing

The main goal of End to End Full Lifecycle Testing is to test the automation of aggregated components and the dependencies that exist between them. End to End testing ensures that the application, its associations and dependencies are available in the right and designed sequence, and the data flow takes place through the data states within the integration, database and application layers. Our End to End testing service is a comprehensive delivery package covering all types of testing, ie from Functional, GUI, usability, Security, ETL testing, BI Testing, Database testing – relational and non relational, cross-platform, cross-browser, Disability Compliance and accessibility, installation, configuration, localization, performance/load, stress testing etc, employing a variety of unit and system integration testing methodologies such as big bang, top-down, and bottom-up.

Enterprise Applications

Our Team has significant and certified experience in Enterprise Application Testing Services especially of fully integrated modules for managing your workforce and workflows, financial flows, and manufacturing processes.

Expertise in Key Domains

Banking Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI)
Telecom and Mobile Commerce
EPC (Civil, Mechanical, Petrochemical)
Defense Sector
Education industry
Automotive industry
Healthcare application testing (EPIC)
Independent Software Vendors

Our Enterprise Application Testing Suite incorporates the following using the very core of Agile methodologies.

Unit Testing
Build Acceptance
System Integration
Regression Testing
Usability Testing
Dataflow Testing
User Acceptance
Transaction Logic
Business Layer
Relational Map
ETL Testing
Cross Platform
Deployment Testing
Reliability Testing
Performance Testing
Failure/Recovery testing

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

Mind Works provides services for a thorough assessment and quantification of the DevOps maturity level including DevOps culture, processes, and tools. Identify DevOps metrics, tools and processes and Recommend an optimal DevOps toolchain, Audit DevOps existing practices, infrastructure, and existing development pipeline. Visualize and define an agile transformation roadmap tailored to your organizational needs and the pace of your delivery and innovation. Develop a transformation timeline and define required skills and resources to achieve business specific goals on budget.

  • CI/CD Pipelinebr

  • CI/CD

  • CI/CD Pipeline

  • Version

  • Configuration

  • QA

  • Centralized Log

  • Application

  • Infrastructure

  • E2E Infra

Automation and Intelligent Testing

At Mind Works, we provide our test automation services to maximize the coverage and deliver high quality software to our clients within competitive timelines. We strive to transform our client’s testing initiatives into an innovation-led and insight-driven quality program, pushing the boundaries of QA test automation by mobilizing analytics and AI, evolving operating models and approaches with Agile and DevOps.

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Mobile and Cross Platform

Cross-platform development is the best way to cut the cumulative cost for a mobile application. It helps your business to reduce upgrade costs, time-to-market and to reach more users and followers without loss of quality.

Mind Works provides an exquisite suite of services for thorough test of Mobile applications using some of the best tools in the market. We will design the test suites such that they run on both emulators and real physical devices without any changes. We have expertise in handling different types of Mobile application testing needs.

  • Feature Testing
  • Content Testing
  • Interface Testing
  • Interoperability Testing
  • Location Testing
  • Audio Testing
  • Installation Testing
  • Error Handling
  • Visual Testing
  • Interruption Testing