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Automation and Intelligent Testing

At Mind Works, we provide our test automation services to maximize the coverage and deliver high quality software to our clients within competitive timelines. We strive to transform our client’s testing initiatives into an innovation-led and insight-driven quality program, pushing the boundaries of QA test automation by mobilizing analytics and AI, evolving operating models and approaches with Agile and DevOps.

I. Automation Assessment:

An automation assessment is an investigation and analysis into an organization’s automation feasibility and readiness. During our automation assessment and development cycle, we conduct an indepth study of the current artifacts, practices, skill sets, organizational structure, business change patterns, budget, tech sensitivities, culture, and goals that would affect automation and its usage. The extract combined with the perspectives of organization is study helps us to zero in on the most feasible test automation approaches, strategies, structure, and technologies to an organization undertaking an automation initiative.

Open Source Tools

II. Proof of Concept:

A PoC is a timebound engagement that aims to prove and substantiate, the technical feasibility of applying a proposed test automation strategy with respect to tools, processes, and skill-sets. This tests the test automation and tools before implementing it on the target areas. PoC s thus allow learned implementations, tweaks and selection of the most appropriate tools and applications prior to org wide or project wide adoption. An automation pilot initiative is a variable length engagement that strives to substantiate and package a set of tools, frameworks, processes, management, and team organization for application to one or more projects. Proof of Concepts and Pilots prove and substantiates the intended test automation, tools, processes, and organizational makeup before implementing on a larger scale. They also allow for lessons learned and tweaks on solutions prior to larger adoption.

Commercial Licensed Tools

III. QA Consulting

understands the importance of specialized tools to support test automation and testing as a whole. We conduct research, prescribes solutions, and implements the best automation tool for our client needs. Additionally, QA Consultants provides the related tools, connectivity, and processes needed to optimize test automation across projects, SDLC, and the organization.

- We provision of skilled test automation resources in numbers, seniority levels, and length of engagement as per the clients choosing. Resources are provided to augment the client’s existing organization and are managed on a day-to-day basis by the client. The number and makeup of resources can be adjusted and/or scaled up as per the clients changing needs. This is beneficial to organizations that wish to add some skill sets to their existing teams. It’s also beneficial to clients who are secure in their ability to manage their own test automation initiatives. We also provide test automation training and knowledge transfer.

QA Consultants’ test automation provides you with the following measurable benefits:

  • Increased speed of software rollouts
  • Reduced product development costs
  • Increased confidence
  • Repeatable testing processes
  • Increased test automation skills of your in-house team
  • Product development and testing resources are redeployed
  • Test automation removes the need for manual testers

The Framework and the Tools:

At Mind Works, we engage, brainstorm and develop the best test suites considering the best factors of feasibility, adaptability, portability and ROI using some of the best tools and frameworks in the market

CI CD Tools

Optimizable Frameworks